This is a question that we are asked.....Random Acts of Root Beer (RARB) is not a corporate thing, it is something that we at Smithfield A&W have thought up to express our philosophy of life. Have you heard of random acts of kindness? Of course you have; RARB is like that, but with a A&W Root Beer bent. 

We decided that we wanted our attitude to shine through in everything we did. At Smithfield A&W we have faith; faith in the traditional sense, faith in people, faith in the way that we have decided to do business. Random Acts of Root Beer will also aspire to help charitable endeavors.
So again the question: What is "Random Acts of Root Beer"?! It is how we have decided to do business, some days it will be a thought of the day, some days it will be a special offer, some days it may be trivia...whatever the spirit moves us. We intend to use this vehicle not just to promote our business; but to improve the world around us.