Honey is a precious kitchen pantry staple that, if not stored properly, can get quite sticky.

The bee byproduct can be used in tea or on top of toast. However, its sugar can crystalize overtime due to evaporation of water, one of its main ingredients, according to Martha Stewart.

You can prevent this process from occuring by storing it properly. You can even easily revive hardened honey with this easy hack.

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How to revive crystallized honey

You can bring your honey back to life by pouring it into a bowl, adding warm water, and gently stirring until it reaches your desired consistency, Martha Stewart says.

However, like the honey-making process itself, it requires patience because it can up to 45 minutes, depending on the degree of crystallization.

"The key is to take your time and stir slowly to avoid accidentally getting water in the jar," an expert told Martha Stewart. "This method will produce the smoothest and most consistent texture."

How to store honey to prevent crystalization

Honey should be stored at room temperature, ideally in a dark cupboard away from direct sunlight, to maintain its gooey consistency and prevent crystallization.

Experts say to avoid putting it in the refrigerator because the cooler temperatures will make it crystallize faster.

However, experts say to accept that crystallization is a natural side effect and will happen over time. This is why honey should be enjoyed within a few months of purchasing.

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