As produce prices soar, consumers have to be savy about grocery shopping.

A great way to reduce your bill without sacrificing nutrition is to trade fresh produce for frozen ones.

Often frozen at peak ripeness, it can be well worth it to buy some staple fruits and veggies frozen to get in essential nutrients as opposed to struggling to make fresh produce last. Not only is it usually the best bang for your buck but it also doubles as a smart storage hack.

However, some are better than others, so hospitality expert Martha Stewart created a list of six items she recommends swapping fresh for frozen.

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Produce to buy frozen to reduce grocery bill and prolong shelf-life

1. Peas

Whether throwing it in stir-fry or pasta, peas are the perfect veggie to throw into a meal for "a pop of color and dose of essential nutrients." With fresh peas only lasting about a week in the refrigerator, frozen veggies can last between six to eight months in the freezer.

2. Off-season fruit

Picked and flash-frozen at optimal ripeness, frozen fruit, especially those that are not in season, is a great alternative to have fruit year-round. It is perfect to throw in smoothies and get in essential vitamins and nutrients.

3. Sprouted bread

Sprouted bread, such as Ezekiel 4:9 bread, will not only last longer than fresh bread but also typically contains fewer preservatives than other breads, an expert explained to Martha Stewart.

4. Spinach

This fresh essential green quickly wilts, which makes frozen spinach a great option if you don't plan to eat it immediately. Unlike fresh spinach which only lasts a few days, frozen spinach can last up to a year in the freezer.

5. Corn

Experts note that frozen corn in particular is very suited to such conditions because its high starch content helps it to maintain its texture even after thawing. Similar to peas, it can be added to everything from fried rice or used to make corn muffins.

6. Seafood

If you are looking to get some protein in an accessible and cost-effective way, frozen seafood such as shrimp or salmon is flash-frozen within hours of being caught to prolong its freshness.

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