AirUp has launched three leak-proof bottles featuring a straw and a new mouthpiece for instant flavour activation - to the delight of fans. 

AirUp rose to stardom last year with its unique bottles that can be filled with still or sparkling water, but trick the brain into thinking its contents are flavoured, thanks to aroma pods.

And yesterday, the German company launched its latest Gen2 Tritan™ Renew Bottle in two new colours, Lavender Purple and Cobalt Blueberry, alongside the signature Charcoal Grey hue.

They feature a new ActiveOn Mouthpiece, saving the need to manually activate the pod - unlike the original design - and prices range from £36.99 for a 600ml bottle to £46.99 for the 1 litre size.

The news immediately sent fans into a frenzy, with one commenting: 'Got my new bottle today and I was amazed by the results'.

While AirUp was introduced to the UK in 2021, its popularity reached new heights amongst gym-goers and students alike last year, with one teacher estimating he had '£300 worth' of the bottles brought to class daily. 

Announcing the new products on Instagram yesterday, AirUp wrote: 'The bottle that solves hydration and flavour means you don’t have to make tough decisions on choices that best balance health and taste anymore - you can have both!'

The bottles are sold as bundles with three pods, which flavour 15 litres of water and last approximately 10 days (based on an average consumption of 1.5 litres per day).

While the aromas are produced in Germany, the bottles are made in Austria using 100 per cent renewable energy - and the company plants a tree for every order.

The product can be filled with still or sparkling water, but tricks the brain into thinking its contents are flavoured, thanks to aroma pods.

How does retronasal smell work?

AirUp's scented pods trick your brain into thinking the water is flavoured, thanks to a concept known as retronasal smell. 

AirUp explained: 'This is the technical term for a simple process - tasting with your nose. 

'When you smell something, it passes through the throat to the olfactory centre in the nose and manifests in the brain as taste. Simple. Genius. Mind-blowing. 

'80 per cent of the tastes you experience are actually things you are smelling. The tongue may talk the talk, but it's the nose that walks the walk when it comes to taste.'

The pods release scents up the nose as you sip, passing through the throat to the brain where they manifest as taste.

The pods come in a range of flavours, including passionfruit, elderflower, coffee, virgin mojito and cola.

AirUp was founded by Lena Jungst and Tim Jager, and arrived in the UK in 2021. 

German entrepreneur Jungst says the bottles invite 'people to experiment a bit with flavour. It's a new way of perceiving flavour - nothing like this has existed before'.

The product itself has been widely praised by parents who struggle to get their children to drink water regularly - NHS guidelines suggest children should drink six to eight cups of water a day - because the flavour encourages them to hydrate more. 

A number of thrilled customers flocked to share their thoughts, with one penning 'I have bought one and I love mine', while another said 'I'm getting the new blueberry one'.

Elsewhere, a mother mentioned that the bottles are still popular with school children, saying: 'It's a must among W's classmates'.

Fans who use the bottles at the gym also appeared delighted by the new launch, with one writing: 'Gym grind with AirUp all day'.

Meanwhile, the AirUp website has received hundreds of raving reviews from customers, with the bottles boasting an overall rating of 4.54.

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