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Which celebrity has the same zodiac sign as you?

New Zealand receives Indigenous remains from Austria

An Austrian museum has returned home the remains of dozens of Indigenous New Zealanders stolen in the 19th century. The remains were "stolen with no regard" for New Zealand tribes, officials from both countries said.

Dogs in the water are hilarious

dogs are land animals; however, many of them love water, are really attracted to it, sometimes even obsessively. This depends partly on DNA (there are breeds specially selected to work in the water, such as Newfoundlands, Retrievers and Poodles for example) and a little on the individual individual.

50 things you should never throw away

Even though the current trend is to “Marie Kondo” your space and keep it to a bare minimum, that doesn’t mean you should toss anything and everything in your home. There are plenty of objects that you can reuse to keep your house organized and clean. Here are 50 unique examples.

Before Meghan, Kate and Fergie! The ex-partners of the British Royal Family members

Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales have always been one of the most popular royal couples. But they, like other members of their famous family, have had other high-profiles romances in the past. Let’s take a look at some of the royals’ dating history!

Get back on track for fall with these tips

September marked back-to-school for students, and a time to start fresh for many adults; there’s a distinct “New Year’s” vibe to the month. So set yourself some lofty, life-changing goals for fall. Here are some suggestions, from getting your health on track to purging stuff from your place.

The most beautiful countries in the world - some of them you may not even know!

Leaders and public figures from across the world flock to attend Queen's funeral

"She was the same person as her image: decent, honourable and all about service" - US president Joe Biden on paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall. View on euronews

The toys we loved in the 1980s

Cape Town Kite Festival is back to raise funds for mental health awareness

Whether you're a kite enthusiast or just eager to lend a helping hand where mental health is concerned, the 28th Cape Town Kite Festival is back.

The most glamorous celebrities at Amal and George Clooney's Albie Awards

Fak’ugesi Festival: 'A digital window into the world we want to live in'

The ninth edition of the Fak’ugesi Festival, under the theme From Now On, aims at zoning in on Africa's digital future post COVID-19 and lessons that can be derived from the pandemic.

KZN cat delivers fast-striking venomous snake to its owner as a ‘present’

What would you do if your cat brought a puff adder into the house?

Fully Electric Citroën C3 Due In 2023

The electric C3 will have design cues from the Ami quadricycle and Oli concept car.

Gwyneth Paltrow's most spectacular looks

Residential solar power systems: Soaking up the sun is rewarding, but it isn’t all plain sailing

Even after your solar power system is installed, getting everyone in the house to use less electricity isn’t as simple a task as you might think.

The most hilarious knockoffs

UK test of 4 day work week: increased productivity and happier employees

WATCH | Lesufi gives update on Gauteng online admissions

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi will give an update on the online school placement application process for Grade 1 and 8 pupils.

These Are The Best Used Cars For Teens Under $25,000: Study

Based on safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

Rolene Strauss on how she and her husband survived a six-year long distance relationship

While long distance relationships can take their toll on any couple, Rolene Strauss and her husband's relationship stood the test of time.

20 overused words and what to say instead

If you feel like your vocabulary could use some work after describing your last vacation as “amazing” for the hundredth time, this list is for you!

Hamilton: Change in Mercedes F1 car performance "like a mood swing"

Lewis Hamilton says the Mercedes 2022 Formula 1 car’s changing level of performance is “like a mood swing”, leaving him with “no idea” how it will fare at every race.

The spray dress worn on model Bella Hadid is truly extraordinary

At the end of the Coperni clothing brand's show for Paris Fashion Week, American model Bella Hadid was "sprayed" with a dress. Bella Hadid had arrived wearing only panties, after which two men used a substance called "Fabrican" to make her a simple instant white dress. It is a spray liquid composed of cotton fibers and synthetic materials embedded in a polymer solution. From a technical point of view, once adhered to the person's body in a short time the liquid evaporates, leaving only the fabric on the skin and thus creating a garment. It took six months of work to prepare the performance.

Mercedes explains F1 strategy decision that left Hamilton furious in Dutch GP

Toto Wolff says his Mercedes Formula 1 team pushed to take risks with its Dutch Grand Prix strategy in order to fight for victory, rather than settle for a safe result.

Fehmarn Belt Link: Are the benefits of the world's longest underwater rail tunnel worth the damage?

The world's longest immersed tunnel is expected to be completed in Europe by 2029. But detractors say it will severely impact the environment. View on euronews

Who are the members of the Trump family?

Fox Motorsports' British GT Spa win upheld by UK National Court

Fox Motorsports’ appeal following victory at the British GT round at Spa-Francorchamps has been upheld by the UK’s National Court, meaning Nick Halstead and Jamie Stanley keep their win.

Online registration process not meant to frustrate or cause anxiety - Lesufi

Lesufi was addressing the media at Hoerskool MenloPark in Pretoria on Sunday regarding the placement process for Grade 1 and 8 pupils for next year.

What is the meaning of my life? An expert weighs in on existential crisis

What is the meaning of my life? It's a question we all ask at one point, or at several junctions in the journey called our lives.

F1, Singapore GP: Sergio Perez beats Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen 7th

Eternal race full of emotions as well as mistakes (including those of the Dutchman and Hamilton), Carlos Sainz 3rd.

Goodbye to the Queen: Buckingham Palace mourners react to the end of the second Elizabethan era

"She was such a global figurehead, and a wonderful presence for us all": Euronews' Anelise Borges hears tributes to Elizabeth II from mourners outside Buckingham Palace. View on euronews

Cats in places where they shouldn't be

Jay Anstey pens heartfelt post to the love of her life on his birthday

Actress Jay Anstey said her partner and love of her life, Sean-Marco Vorster, is a force of good in the world when she wished him a happy birthday.

Hilton Middle East, Africa and Türkiye set to double hotel portfolio

90 new Hilton hotels are to be added to the existing Middle East, Africa & Türkiye regional portfolio of 179 within the next five years. With 60 new hotels in the UAE and 45 of them in Saudi Arabia alone. That's a whopping 24,000 additional rooms across the region for the 103-year-old hotel brand.

10 cars of Queen Elizabeth II

Should you be besties with your children? At least 2 experts say no

At least two experts agree - being your child's friend can have dangerous consequences.

How much will MacKenzie Scott’s husband get in divorce?

MacKenzie Scott, one of the wealthiest women in the world, married science teacher Dan Jewett last year after divorcing Jeff Bezos

Queen Margrethe of Denmark: today's only female monarch has a fascinating life

Just dogs doing weird things

F1, Ferrari: Mattia Binotto is peremptory on Perez case

The Cavallino team principal has spoken out in no uncertain terms against Red Bull's Mexican.

Dacia Jogger By Camperiz Is A Tiny RV With Lots Of Features

It has all the essentials for a weekend vacation.

Why is a quarter of world's new forest area coming from China?

Aerial photo taken on Aug. 22, 2021 shows the scenery of Saihanba forest farm in north China's Hebei Province. (Xinhua/Jin Haoyuan) BEIJING, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) -- China ranks first globally in the area of planted forests and forest coverage growth, contributing a quarter of the world's new forest area in the past decade. The secret behind the rapid growth of China's green landscape lies in its large-scale greening campaign, including conserving...

Inside Baby Asante’s first birthday party

DJ Zinhle and her husband Bongani “Mörda” Mohosana recently threw their little one a birthday party, and they left nothing undone for their little princess.

Hundreds of thousands expected to pay last respects to Queen Elizabeth in London

There will be a solemn procession through the streets of London from Buckingham Palace to Westminster when the coffin is moved. View on euronews

Are you lonely or know someone who is? You MUST read this

Researchers from different universities have found that being lonely, hopeless and unhappy may have a worse negative effect than smoking

Aquarius: Your daily horoscope - October 02

Aquarius: here are your free predictions for the day October 02

How F1 rules ignored in Abu Dhabi meant no Italian GP restart

Formula 1’s controversial safety car finish at the Italian Grand Prix has served to re-open wounds for many fans over what happened in Abu Dhabi last year.

Debunked: Russians were not in a 35km queue at Finland border

Some users on social media falsely claimed that Russians were in queues as long as 35 kilometres at the Finland border, following Putin's speech. View on euronews

Meghan Markle Wore a Thing: Red Another Tomorrow Set Edition

In her first visit to the U.K. since the Queen's Jubilee, the Duchess of Sussex made a statement in red.Ever since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, the world's eyes have been fixed on Meghan Markle — and her style. We'll be following the Meghan Markle Effect™ with our column, "Meghan Markle Wore a Thing."Over the weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned to the U.K. — their first visit since the Queen's Jubilee earlier this...