We all love a tuna mayonnaise jacket spud and will be making potato salad by the bucket load for our barbecues this weekend.

Yet one vital ingredient for these delicious treats has rocketed in price over the last few months - our beloved Hellmann's mayonnaise. We all know food prices have soared recently, but Hellmann's mayo has gone up as much as 37%. So which cheaper brands cut the mustard, well mayonnaise…

Hellmann's Mayonnaise - £3.50, 750ml from ASDA

Yes, this was definitely the most expensive bottle on the block. But the mayo came out easily and was thick, yet creamy too. It wasn't watery, but the flavour definitely wasn't as rich as it once was. But mixed with some tuna, it definitely made for a delicious tuna sarnie!


Heinz - £2.90, £565ml from ASDA

This came out a little more like toothpaste, rather than a sauce. Whiter in colour, it was also thicker rather than creamier, which I preferred. It was slightly sweeter than the Heinz, which made for a lovely taste too. Although still on the pricier side, this definitely was a mayo must.


Just Essentials – 72p, 500ml from ASDA

After a few attempts at getting some out, it was a mayo explosion when I finally squeezed some onto my plate. However, despite the mess, this tasted just as good as the Heinz, was full of flavour and definitely great value for money.


Mayonnaise - £1.15, 450ml from Tesco

It took a few shakes of the bottle before the mayo came out thick and creamy and not so watery, which was a little off-putting. But it had a lovely texture and the taste was intense, but not overpowering. The sweet and slightly sour flavour worked well, and spread nicely on the bread for a cheese and mayo roll!


Stockwell – 65p, 450ml from Tesco

The cheapest one I tried, it was also the one that made my kids giggle when I squeezed it out, thanks to the 'fart' noise it made! And it also carried on coming, even when I closed the lid, oozing everywhere! Although it had a nice smooth texture, there was barely any taste, which made it very hard to swallow! It might be cheap, but this was a no from me.


Bramwells - 85p, 500ml from Aldi

Another cheapie, this was slightly darker in colour, reminding me more of salad cream. It was thicker than the rest, and definitely lacking in any kind of flavour. It didn't mix well with my tuna, leaving clumps instead of blending in. Cheap, but you could definitely tell.


Plant Revolution - £1.59, 280ml from Morrisons

This vegan mayonnaise was the perfect colour, lovely and smooth and squeezed out nicely from the bottle. But it was bitter and one I definitely couldn't manage a lot of. It wasn’t quite so bad when mixed with some potatoes, but still left a nasty taste.


Batts – 89p, 500ml from LIDL

Another egg-cellent choice! Slightly off-white in colour, it was a perfect consistency, not too thick, not too watery. It was creamy and had a lovely taste, not too sweet, but without too much of a tang. Brilliant value and a must for my cupboard.


Pauwels - £1.69, 500ml from Morrisons

Probably the thickest of them all, it took a few goes before this came out of the squeezy bottle. Once it'd dolloped onto the plate, it jiggled around like jelly, which was slightly off-putting. The taste wasn't bad, but you couldn't have a lot of it. Better for mixing with bigger dishes - if you don't use a lot! It felt like I had tuna as a side dish, it was so thick and hard to mix in!


Have you tried any of these? Let us know which was your favourite in the comments.

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