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#TheBeautyCollective: Hair perfume

Of all the beauty products on the market, perfume usually has the number one spot on most women’s wish lists. And that should come as no surprise as a scent tells stories, it conjures up memories and it has the ability to influence your mood.

So are you in need of a pick-me-up? Spritz your favourite fruity scent. Notes like lemon and mandarin have an uplifting effect. In need of some relaxation? Calming notes like lavender and rosemary will help you breathe a little deeper and unwind.

Perfume is commonly applied to the neck, wrists and décolletage, but it can also be used for your hair. And while it might not be everyday practice, many women enjoy spraying perfume in their hair because it’s subtler than when sprayed on skin and it doesn’t compete with the scent of body lotions and deodorants.

A local hair care brand Curls in Bloom is not only a hair perfume, but it also has added benefits. Unlike body perfumes which have an alcohol content of about 70%, the South African brand’s products are far less damaging. It has a light, floral water perfume designed not only to leave your hair smelling gorgeous, but also to nourish it.

Their delicate scents comprise notes of green apples, lily of the valley and sandalwood and it boasts a nourishing formula that fights frizz, leaving hair soft and silky throughout the day. You can apply as much as needed, and use it to refresh throughout the day.

In addition, the floral waters in their hair perfume is made from flowers. The plant used is immersed in a container with distilled water and heated, so that the plant’s aromatic components are extracted through steam. These components are collected to be decanted, at which point you’ve created floral water.

The difference between floral waters and essential oil all comes down to their concentration. Floral waters are much lighter and more delicate than essential oils. They’re also manufactured differently. Essential oils are produced by the process of distilling plants without adding any distilled water, making their solution oilier than that of floral waters.

Floral waters might be less potent than essential oils, but they offer plenty of benefits. They’re popular in both skincare and haircare products thanks to their abilities to soothe, purify and nourish.

Curls in Bloom also source the ingredients for their products sustainably and ethically. Nestled in the foothills of the Amathola Mountains in the Eastern Cape is a small proactive farming community, Qobo Qobo, that sets out to work the land every morning, farming rich indigenous essential oils and floral waters. This is where Curls in Bloom sources their precious natural ingredients.

All-natural and vegan, Curls in Bloom products also contain a blend of hydrating floral waters, nourishing shea butter and moisturising castor oil. This proudly South African brand is the first of its kind in the way it’s designed, sourced and manufactured.

Curls in Bloom Hair products, including their hair perfumes, are available at Dis-Chem. The product is also affordable as a 100ml spray bottle retails for about R69.95.

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