Cape Town - An endangered three-legged parrot-beaked (padloper) tortoise will soon be fitted with a Lego wheel prosthetic leg, to be facilitated by the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Philippi.

The animal welfare organisation said their newest exotic animal patient came through their doors with a missing left hind leg.

“She is an incredibly special tortoise as her species is sadly under huge pressure for its survival.

“We had to come up with a creative solution to save this wonderful little tortoise which is endemic to South Africa, and after consulting with the experts decided to fit her with a Lego wheel leg prosthetic to help her maintain balance and get about,” AWS said.

“The prosthetic will be professionally fitted by an experienced veterinarian who is confident that she will regain her mobility and be able to lead a normal life within the confines of an approved soft release site that houses a viable breeding (Ark) population of her species,” AWS said.

This comes just days after the organisation had also supervised the repatriation of a leopard tortoise back to the Karoo National Park on the outskirts of Beaufort West.

“Approximately three weeks ago we were handed a gigantic leopard tortoise.

“He was foolishly picked up in Beaufort West by an unwitting motorist while trying to cross the road and unlawfully transported to Cape Town.

“We undertook to care for the tortoise until permission for his release back into the wild could be obtained.

“Permission was finally granted for the tortoise to be repatriated to the Karoo National Park on the outskirts of Beaufort West.

“On Saturday, March 11, Senior Inspector Mark Levendal undertook the round trip and oversaw his successful release,” AWS said.

Cape Times

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