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A New Year Every Two Months? Year-End Celebrations Around the World

Lunar New Year festivities, celebrated in China, Vietnam and South Korea among others, are ringing in a new year on February 10. In China, the event …

Full list of Body Shop stores at risk of closure after seven shut immediately

The iconic cosmetics chain runs 199 shops across the UK and all of those shops are at risk of closure.

The Most Popular Wedding Song the Year You Got Married

Everyone was cutting loose in '84.

30 Celebrities Who Invited Their Ex To Their Wedding

Prince Harry isn't the only chivalrous ex-boyfriend in town.

Home ruined by monstrous new builds, couple say

Maureen and Dave King say their objections to the new homes in Broad Oak fell on deaf ears.

Keep honey 'smooth' and revive it from crystallization by storing it properly

If stored improperly, then honey will crystalize. Here is how you can revive it and store it right to prevent it from getting hard.

What Are The Healthy Substitutes Of Peanut Butter? A Review By Nutrition Professionals

Who invented butter chicken? Dueling claims battle it out in an Indian high court.

The grandsons of two now-deceased business partners are fighting over claims of whose grandfather invented the beloved Indian dish, butter chicken.

Clothing staples you need to create the perfect capsule wardrobe

Fashion and style aren’t everyone’s forte, but that doesn’t mean you can’t curate a simple and stylish wardrobe. If the process feels overwhelming, start by choosing everyday essentials that you can easily mix and match. With that in mind, these 15 staple items are a great starting point for building a long-lasting and versatile capsule wardrobe you’ll have for years to come.

38 Gorgeous Bob Mackie Designs Through the Years

Everyone from Cher to Zendaya have worn his creations.

Couple learned of £61m EuroMillions win while celebrating wedding anniversary

Couple learned of £61m EuroMillions win while celebrating wedding anniversary - The couple were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary when they discovered the news.

60 Vintage Photos of Celebrity Weddings

These are the timeless brides that will never go out of style.

MILAN FASHION WEEK PHOTOS: Fendi and Marras envelope women in protective garb for next winter

MILAN FASHION WEEK PHOTOS: Fendi and Marras envelope women in protective garb for next winter -

The President Hotel elevates its Sunday Lunch experience

The iconic President Hotel has launched its brand-new Sunday lunch experience.

How to keep lettuce 'crisp and fresh' for two weeks - 'maybe even three'

Lettuce can wilt and turn soggy quite easily, but one simple storage tip can hep prolong its life to "two or maybe even three weeks".

13 stylish tummy flattering dresses: Expert stylist advice & tips on the best styles to wear

Best tummy flattering dresses 2024. From occasionwear to everyday wear, we've found the stylish dresses to wear to flatter the tummy, with expert advice on the best styles to shop.

The rarest blooming flowers on Earth

Nature is so full of mystery and allure, but in our day-to-day lives, we get quite used to seeing the same species of flora around us. There are so many kinds of flowers that we'll just never see in our lives! From flowers that only bloom once every few decades, to those that require very specific conditions, to those whose bloom last mere hours, there are some dazzling rare species to behold out there. Click through to take a look for yourself.

Celebrities Who Prove What a Difference a Center Part Can Make

Which way do you like Selena's hair best?

40 Iconic Couples From the '70s

You probably forgot about some of these duos.

Gluten Freedom bread recalled from Woolworths Metro, IGA and other supermarkets

A range of popular gluten-free bread has been recalled due to concerns of plastic being present.

What you need to know (and do) when your pet has cancer

A Look at the 30 Homes Owned by the British Royal Family

Including one you can rent for yourself!

The Greatest Gowns That Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle, and More Royals Have Worn

From Princess Margaret's iconic style to Meghan Markle's wedding reception dress.

All the Rules You Never Knew Restaurants Have to Follow on 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

First rule of Flavortown? Don't say the word "Flavortown" on camera. Since 2006, we've watched Guy Fieri travel coast to coast visiting some of the country's greatest establishments for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It's one of the biggest shows on the Food Network, and with over 648 episodes and counting, it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. But what does it take to become a Triple D-featured spot and how does it all work? Both Fieri and producers have spilled behind-the-scenes secrets about the show throughout its 42 seasons—from who picks the restaurants to how you can tell if the host really likes a dish to what happens to these eateries after the cameras leave (spoiler: a little thing called the Triple D Effect!). Keep reading to learn about all things Flavortown and find out what really happens when Fieri rolls into your town.

What the full moon in Virgo means for your sign

It's that time again! In February, we welcome a full moon in the sign of practical, structured Virgo. If you've had issues with your routine or need to take your health and fitness more seriously, things could reach a culmination point this week. Virgo values wellness, making a sustained effort, and taking a down-to-earth, practical approach to how we manage our day-to-day lives. If you've been working hard on something since the Virgo new moon in September, you can expect to see the results of your efforts now. Curious? Click on to learn what the full moon in Virgo means for your sign.

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

Where would we be without Chicken McNuggets and Uncrustables?!

The army of British knitters bringing joy to Ukrainians during two years of war

The army of British knitters bringing joy to Ukrainians during two years of war - At least 20 knitting groups across the UK regularly send crafted items to Ukraine

Starbucks divides with new pork-flavoured coffee

Starbucks divides with new pork-flavoured coffee - New beverage launched on 10 February in honour of Chinese New Year

Milan Fashion Week showcases emerging Black designers, launches initiative to fight discrimination

Milan Fashion Week showcases emerging Black designers, launches initiative to fight discrimination - Milan Fashion Week highlighted diversity in a new initiative that aims to promote inclusion across the industry

AirUp water bottles - that make water taste like fizzy drinks via a scent pod - send fans into a frenzy with new leak-proof design with instant flavour activation and a straw

Yesterday, the German company launched the Gen2 Tritan™ Renew Bottle in Lavender Purple, Cobalt Blueberry and Charcoal Grey, priced from £36.99 across the UK.

Mila Kunis' 27 Best Red Carpet Moments Through the Years

The star always keeps the looks coming.

How did hair become part of school dress codes? Some students see vestiges of racism

How did hair become part of school dress codes? Some students see vestiges of racism - For as long as schools have policed hairstyles as part of their dress codes, some students have seen the rules as attempts to deny their cultural and religious identities

'One pot' cajun chicken pasta recipe is the perfect meal for a cosy night in

If you're in the mood for pasta, there's one recipe that will be a delicious choice. The creamy penne dish has a kick, sure to keep you warm this winter

Six groceries you should buy frozen - they last up to a year and could save you hundreds

As produce prices soar, experts recommend buying these produce items frozen for practical purposes, as well as to get the best bang for your buck.

12 hidden homes you'll want to look twice at

You might have to do a double take in order to spot these cleverly concealed cribs. Taking seclusion to the extreme, these hidden homes perfectly suit their surroundings, allowing for ultimate privacy for the occupants.

Mary Berry's ‘simple' chicken and herb casserole is a tasty and cosy midweek recipe

This super hearty dinner recipe is perfect when you are craving something warming and delicious during the week.

Eating to save nature? Embrace potatoes, ditch meat and track your beans

Biodiversity-conscious eaters could consider substituting potatoes for rice, cutting down on beef and lamb and asking where their beans, lentils and chickpeas are grown to reduce their impact on nature, a new study has found. Scientists analysed 151 popular recipes around the world for their biodiversity impact. They found meat dishes were the worst offenders: recipes including chilli con carne, salsa verde pork and a Spanish lamb dish called...

In the age of ‘toxicity’, are we walking away from friendships too quickly?

My friend is having trouble with her friend – let’s call her Kelsey. A few months ago, Kelsey made a thoughtless remark that hurt my friend’s feelings, and left her questioning their bond. After talking it over with her therapist, my friend came up with a plan to bring it up with Kelsey. But when they next met up, the timing wasn’t right. Now she’s wondering what to do. She and Kelsey have never been talk-every-day close, but they see each other...

We asked: What did you love about turning 40?

When Sue-Ching Lascelles turned 40, she found a renewed sense of purpose and self. We spoke to the Brisbane artist, along with others, to find out what they most loved about turning reaching middle-age.

Chef's cheesy jacket potatoes taste 'like garlic bread' and are 'delicious' - recipe

The recipe, which serves two, includes delicious flavours of garlic, creamy cheese and melted butter.

Orchids as muse: Flowers and fashion mix inside the NY Botanical Garden's conservatory

Orchids as muse: Flowers and fashion mix inside the NY Botanical Garden's conservatory - The orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden this year is a whimsical mix of fashion and flower creations

Popular lamb curry recipe that's 'really easy to make at home' is full of flavour

Ordering a Rogan Josh curry is a great choice whether you're having a takeaway or ordering out, but you can make one just as good at home.

I tried Côte Brasserie's French Alps-inspired food delivery box - and it was divine

At-home meal boxes have gained popularity in recent years, and restaurant Côte Brasserie recently re-launched its popular Alpine menu as part of its Côte At Home box to give Britons a taste of the French Alps - here's what it tasted like.

Nifty lettuce 'storage method' keeps vegetable crisp and fresh for 14 days

It's time to say goodbye to soggy, limp lettuce and keep your leaves fresh and tasty for weeks. This simple storage hack takes second to sort but can save you money and reduce food waste

What to wear to a job interview to make a good impression

Here are some tips on what to wear to a job interview to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible light.

Scientists reveal the 10 worst dishes for the environment - including several VEGAN options

Both meat and plant-based meals can have a high 'biodiversity footprint' - meaning they ruin animal habitats, report scientists at National University of Singapore.

Tips on how to effectively communicate with your partner

To maintain a healthy relationship you need to know how to communicate with your partner.

25 Harry Potter Fun Facts You've Never Heard

Accio, fun facts!

Understanding "niksen," the Dutch concept of doing nothing

In today's world of productivity hacks and 'maximizing' your time, the focus seems to be on squeezing every last drop out of our days. Enter "niksen," the perfect antidote to doing all the things. This Dutch word describes the practice of doing absolutely nothing, or partaking in an activity that has no purpose or goal attached. It's a way to simply be in the moment, and not feel bad about being completely unproductive. The irony is, of course, that reaching this state does serve a purpose: its opposition to burnout and stress culture. Intrigued? Click on to learn about this Dutch concept.

20 Baby Names That Were Popular in the 1950s

Can you believe Karen used to be all the rage?