Katie Goes Platinum is a channel specifically for women making the transition to grey .

In a video entitled Five Easy Ways to Look Younger with Grey Hair (At Any Age!), the influencer shared a top tip that women may not have thought of.

Katie suggested that a woman's transition to grey hair may also require a bag transition - in order to .

She said: "You might that when you go grey, that your makeup colours that used to suit you no longer complement you."

The influencer shared that she used to "wear way too much makeup" because as she got older she felt as though she was "fading into the background", causing her to overcompensate.

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What she didn't realise was that her naturally dark - almost black - hair was "overpowering" her complexion.

Since going grey, she realised she does not feel the need to wear so much makeup, and the makeup she does wear is a few shades lighter.

Demonstrating the look of four different lipstick shades, Katie explained that lighter pinks and nude lipsticks now look better on her.

This really "surprised" her, as she initially thought that having fair hair would cause her to "fade away into the woodwork", thereby creating the need to wear more vibrant makeup.

She said: "This silver hair gives a nice glow to your complexion and you might find that your makeup needs a little change."

To find the perfect makeup colours, Katie suggested experimenting - women can dedicate some time to trying on the contents of their makeup bags.

This makeup hack isn't just for lipsticks and eyeshadows - she claimed that your eyebrows are meant to be two shades darker than your hair colour, so it might be time to invest in a new eyebrow pencil.

For those who do not wear makeup and do not wish to experiment with different colours, skincare is equally important for makeup and no-makeup wearers alike.

In order to look young - with any colour hair - it's essential that women keep their skin supple and hydrated. Katie advised investing in a good moisturiser to use in the morning and a night.

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