Durban - Fond memories will be the only thing left to treasure for some of the regular customers who are disheartened by the closure of their favourite Durban restaurant.

The Market restaurant in Gladys Mazibuko Road, Morningside, announced this week on social media that tomorrow will be their last trading day.

Owner Avril Bedderson said load shedding had shut down her business.

Patron Xolile Khoza, 40, told the Independent On Saturday that The Market had been her celebration spot since 2017. In 2019 she had her wedding ceremony at the venue.

“It is really heartbreaking to learn about the closure of such an incredible establishment, not to mention the loss of jobs of the most friendly and dedicated team. Our love goes to the most gracious owner and her beautiful family,” said Khoza.

The restaurant has hosted events such as weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries.

Luke Manto, 33, said he really enjoyed the food and service at the restaurant.

“I had one of my family functions there and their hospitality blew my mind. It will be sad to see their door closed and we hope the best for them,” he said, adding that this was an example of how “terrible” load shedding was.

Another saddened regular customer is Uraysia Varatharajullu, 38, who also married at The Market in 2021.

“I am really disappointed about the shut down, it is my favourite restaurant. The food is amazing and more than that, what made me fall in love with the place was Avril. She is so smart and creative. I also loved the way she conducted her business,” said Varatharajullu.

She said Bedderson had worked magic for her wedding reception dinner.

“Avril was the most patient and understanding person I have ever come across. I even had a supplier let me down the day before the wedding but she used all her resources to get all the items I needed for my elegant setting,” added Varatharajullu.

Regular customers said Bedderson’s personality had rubbed off on her staff members and the entire restaurant team displayed love and passion.

Bedderson said her journey had not been an easy ride since she bought the restaurant in 2019.

“Experiencing Covid19 which resulted in lock down in 2020 was such a knock on the head because we had to shut down for six months. We had 25 staff members in total but had to let go of nine employees. We went back in September but had to close doors again in 2021 during the looting,” she said.

She thanked the patrons for the support and love she received during those most difficult times.

“Thanks to the team members. Their faith encouraged us to keep moving. It is unfortunate that they will be jobless after closing down the restaurant,” said Bedderson.

The Independent on Saturday

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