Woolworths LGBTQIA+ campaign receives backlash

The campaign has upset some people, with them calling for a boycott of the retail store.

The worst mockbusters ever made

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to mockbusters—low-budget movies made to piggyback on the success of Hollywood hits—their existence isn’t necessarily a compliment. From terribly animated rip-offs of family favourites to boring rehashes of popular action flicks, these mockbusters are just blatantly bad.

Letter: Do transgender kids really know who and what they are yet?

It would be interesting to ask a psychologist’s opinion on this transgender issue at this very young age.

100 Father’s Day Desserts Your Dad Will Love

These Father's Day desserts are way better than a tie. The post 100 Father’s Day Desserts Your Dad Will Love appeared first on Taste of Home.

How crickets are bred for food

The world is facing an unprecedented food shortage. In the coming decades, the world population will rise again, and then there will be no more food for everyone. That is why many are pushing to start introducing insects into the daily diet.We are of course talking about the Western world, since there are already more than 3 billion people on planet Earth who eat insects in all forms every day. However, due to psychological and cultural fears, they are still not eaten in the 'First World'.Some companies are now experimenting, and in Europe it can already be traded, with cricket meal, a way of consuming insects (which are a high protein food) without having to eat them whole. But how exactly is cricket meal produced?

A journalist’s account: the ‘Ice Cream Place’ with no ice cream and no toilet

I was challenged to do more every day. And to be a journalist for social good. I hope those in power will read this, wrote The Star journalist Siyabonga Sithole.

Princess Mette-Marit unhappy after relationship break-up

Princess Mette-Marit unhappy after relationship break-up

Maggie, bulldog suspended from daycare: her family's reaction conquers the web

Maggie, an adorable bulldog, recently had an incredible adventure at the daycare centre.After displaying somewhat turbulent behaviour, Maggie was suspended from her daycare, but it is what happened next that left everyone speechless.Her family reacted brilliantly and their response won the hearts of all animal lovers and more.Today we tell you Maggie's story, which quickly spread across the web and went viral in no time, with the sole aim of making you smile.Are you ready to immerse yourself in this incredible journey of emotions, laughter and love for animals? Then take a seat and let yourself be transported into the world of Maggie and her family. (source: Instagram

27 bad food habits you need to break

From peeling a banana the hard way to inadvertently committing a cultural culinary faux pas, it's easier to slip up than you might think. These are the habits you need to break – along with some handy eating hacks to make mealtimes healthier and easier.

The best dressed celebrities from the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party 2023

These stars brought their A-game to the Oscars Vanity Fair party 2023 and wore red carpet looks that we can't stop thinking about

WATCH: ‘Am I entitled or was this messed up?’ Mom asks after her kid is denied cake from a birthday party

With over 40 000 comments since the time of publication, opinions on this incident were pretty heated.

Duggar family reacts to Amazon's 'Shiny Happy People' docuseries

Keep cucumbers fresh and crunchy ‘for weeks' with clever storage solution

Cucumbers have a short shelf life, and if not eaten quickly they can go mushy.

The super-rich share their surprising secrets to success

The pieces of advice some of the world’s most successful people live by and who they got their inspiration from.

The story of the centenary man that shocks and confuses the web has its own truth

Luang Pho Yai, a popular Thai Buddhist monk, died on 22 March after gaining worldwide popularity through videos posted on the TikTok platform with his niece and great-niece. The videos showed his gentler and more fragile side, but also generated numerous false claims about his religious identity and practice. Despite this, the updates on his health posted by his granddaughter received millions of views. After her death, memorial and funeral rites videos were posted. Many praised the monk's kindness, while others criticised the granddaughter for posting videos of her ailing grandfather. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, with about 40,000 Buddhist temples and almost 300,000 Buddhist monks.

27 famous members of the 27 Club

The lives of the rich and famous are never quite as glamorous and carefree as they seem. With great talent often comes great pressure, leading some of the world's best loved musicians and artists down a dark path. For some strange and mysterious reason, this path has often come to an end when stars reached the age of 27. Click through the gallery to find out more about the mystery of the 27 Club.

‘My black skin says I don’t belong in Tunisia’

Black women in the North African country are looked down on and made to feel that they do not belong.

King Charles III is getting rid of his home in Wales — and Prince William doesn't want it either — plus more royal residences of the British monarchy

See where members of Britain's royal family live.

WATCH: Rachel Kolisi shows us her make-up routine but it’s Siya’s commentary that has us in stitches

‘It’s the dedication and passion for me’- Siya Kolisi talks us through wife Rachel’s make-up routine and we loving it.

Rice flour: How much is should you take? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and reasons to eat

A man has sent out a gift registry but he’s not getting married, leaving family furious

Reddit user will not be having a wedding but he wants the gifts anyway.

36 Celeb Women With Gorgeous Gray Hair on the Red Carpet

There have been so many fads and fashion statements made on the red carpet of major industry events over the years. But one look that never goes out of style is women embracing themselves and their natural beauty as much as possible! For decades, leading ladies in Hollywood have stunned the red carpet not just

WATCH: Groom checking his phone as he walks down the aisle goes viral

TikTokers slam “disrespectful” groom.

Happy Birthday, Emily Ratajkowski! The most beautiful looks of the supermodel!

Supermodel, actress, stylist, influencer and more, Emily, who turns 32 today, is able to grab everyone's attention, no matter what she does. We discover the most beautiful and spectacular looks worn by the star!Famous for her roles in 'Gone Girl' and 'We Are Your Friends', as well as for her 'Inamorata' clothing line, Emily is known for a bold sense of style. She appeared in 'Sports Illustrated' in 2014 and 2015. Also in 2015, she made her fashion catwalk debut for Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week. She has since walked the catwalk at the Paris Fashion Week for Miu Miu and during the Milan Fashion Week for Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

Princess Kate's iconic response to being told she was lucky to have William is going viral

The Wales family is undoubtedly the most talked-about in the world, with Prince William, Princess Kate and their children George, Charlotte and Louis, never failing to make viral news. This has been particularly true in the last few years, with the now Prince and Princess of Wales and their steady presence credited with keeping the royal family afl...

Horoscopes and Lucky Numbers for 7 June 2023

Check the stars and see what the day has installed for you with the lucky numbers and horoscopes for today.

Country diary: A stone-curlew glides into view like a mad little yacht

I am watching hares at rest in the growing wheat through my binoculars. One pulls its long, sundae-spoon ears through its paws to clean them. Another stretches like a dog, yawns and lies down, when something glides behind the harbour of its back like a yacht. There is no rise and fall in the movement of the body, with its short, cryptic, brown, black and white strokes. I blink and look away, refocus. There is a hare-like goggle-eye between wheat...

The GOOD party gets behind Woolworths’ Pride Month campaign

‘Hate will not silence or suppress what is right’– The GOOD party has come out in support of the controversial Woolworths Pride Month campaign.

The 10 most famous Italian dishes abroad... that are not Italian!

LOOK: Chefs impress at new culinary competition by cooking with local ingredients

Locally sourced ingredients are great for the local economy, great for the environment, and great quality.

Father makes brief appearance in Peddie Court after allegedly shackling son in dark shack

A young boy kept chained in a shack, allegedly by his father, had scars all over his body, say members of his community.

Life in the wilderness: homes at the ends of the earth

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of modern life can make you want to retreat far away from civilisation, with nothing but Mother Nature to keep you company. Meet the fascinating people who call the world's most remote locations home...

Stars who were once homeless

Sure, many stars were rich before becoming famous, but there are quite a few who came at fame from a completely different angle, struggling with deep poverty before catching their big break. Now, with huge mansions to their names, it may be difficult for these celebrities to remember the times when they didn't have a roof over their head. Check out this gallery to see the triumphant stories of stars who went from living on the streets to walking red carpets.

Popular Thembisa upmarket shisanyama closes its doors

Imbizo Shisanyama was described as the home of legends and afropolitans, a modern, sophisticated, and elegant venue.

Celebs who married their alleged mistresses

Not all love stories start off like fairy-tales. Some couples go the hard route, even if it means hurting the people around them. And, because we often forget, celebrities are humans too, meaning they can cheat, lie, break hearts, and do outrageous things for love—just like the rest of us. Click through the gallery to discover the celebs who didn't just cheat on their significant other, but who left them for their secret lover!

The best Harry Potter-inspired foods around the world

From Butterbeer to a chocolate Golden Snitch, we've rounded up the best Harry Potter themed food and drink across the globe, so you can dine like a wizard wherever you are.

Marry a man created by artificial intelligence: the perfect mate is "virtual"

A single mother from New York 'married' a man created by artificial intelligence with the Replika AI application. The woman modelled the perfect husband who is non-judgmental and non-intrusive. Their love story was born in chat in 2022, and the woman posts photos and chats with her virtual man on social media. Life together with him is beautiful, she said in an interview. The application used by the woman is not unknown. And in Italy in February 2023, the 'Garante della privacy' had blocked its use because of the risks for minors.

Sagittarius: Your finance horoscope - June 07

Sagittarius: here are your finance predictions for the day June 07

The loneliest house in the world has its own real secret

The lonely house on the Icelandic island of Elliðaey has generated numerous theories and speculations, including a refuge for billionaires in the event of an apocalypse or the abode of a religious fanatic.However, these stories have been disproved. The real story behind the isolated mansion dates back to the 1950s, when it was built by the Elliðaey Hunting Association as a refuge for puffin hunters. The island of Elliðaey, uninhabited for about 90 years, is an ideal nesting habitat for these endangered birds.Environmentalists visit the island and use the lodge to monitor and protect puffins during their summer breeding season.

Sweet dreams: Jam made by couple who left corporate jobs now on Checkers shelves

Nigel and Christynn Jacobs left their marketing and food technology jobs to follow their dream, starting the Jacobs Jam Company.

Pregnancy and Shrimp: Expert Advice on What's Safe to Eat

This article discusses the safety of consuming shrimp during pregnancy. It examines the potential risks of consuming raw shrimp, as well as the benefits of consuming cooked shrimp, such as its low mercury content and omega-3 fatty acids. The article also provides a list of popular diets and provides a disclaimer regarding the medical advice given.

Pack a shoebox to keep Khaya animals warm this winter

Through its annual Wagging Winter Shoebox drive, the clinic hoped to raise enough resources for the coming months.

20 things to do with a can of chickpeas

If you’re looking to stock your kitchen with a versatile food, chickpeas are your best bet. The little legume packs a powerful nutritional punch (full of vitamins, protein, and healthy fats) and can be used to craft just about any dish, from pie crust to pasta sauce. Here are just 20 of the ways you can use chickpeas.

‘We torment others’: the dark side of South Korean school life

Clutching an iron hair curler radiating scorching heat, a schoolgirl torments a classmate in a desolate school gymnasium. The curler sizzles raw flesh, as the camera pans to show scars on the victim’s body. This scene from The Glory, an audacious South Korean drama that achieved global success, shows viewers the depth of the country’s school bullying epidemic. While some critics have panned The Glory for its deeply disturbing scenes, some of...

The Grammys 2023 Red Carpet: The Best Looks

Including Lizzo and her newly hard-launched boyfriend.

Prince Harry feared he would be ‘ousted’ from royal family over rumours James Hewitt was his real dad

The 38-year-old prince made the claim during his ongoing phone hacking trial against Mirror Group newspapers at the High Court in London on Tuesday.

Woman who suffered terrible facial burns after using popular TikTok culinary hack warns followers

The mom, who was scarred in the incident, issued a warning against cooking eggs in a microwave.

Weird facts on the world's most mysterious countries

Do you know where Ladonia is? How about Kyrgyzstan? Well, the truth is, many of the countries in this gallery you will have probably never heard of. Or perhaps they are countries that are so closed off from the rest of the world, they become totally arcane. Nevertheless, each of the following countries have at least one quirky factor attributed to them that makes them seem completely strange to the rest of the world. Click through to find out!

Calabash: A Health Expert's Guide to Serving Sizes and Health Concerns

This article examines the potential side effects and quantity recommendations of Calabash, a fruit commonly used in Chinese and African cuisine. Experts weigh in on the potential risks of eating Calabash raw, as it contains a compound called cucurbitacin which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach ulcers. Additionally, it is recommended to eat Calabash in small amounts several times per week, as it can reduce constipation, help with weight...

Country bedroom ideas – 57 ways to bring charming rustic style to your master and guest bedrooms

Looking for country bedroom ideas? We've gathered gorgeous inspiration for rooms small and large, so you can rest easy in rustic style