From finding the perfect wedding dress to deciding on a venue, planning a dream wedding can be extremely stressful.

Your budget usually determines the size of your wedding and one of the key factors to keeping your wedding within budget is how many people you invite to your wedding.

Catering costs are a main contributor to the overall cost of a wedding.

That’s one of the main reasons why couples request guests to RSVP. So that they don’t over-cater and waste money. Especially since most catering services charge per head.

There’s nothing worse than catering for someone and they don’t show up at the wedding!

So to combat this problem, this bride-to-be wants to take rather drastic measures to ensure that those guests who RSVP that they will be attending, do in fact show up.

In a post on Facebook which was later shared to Reddit’s Wedding Shaming group, she wrote: “I love my family dearly but sometimes they are flaky. I’m getting married in October of 2024 and when I send out invitations, I want to put on the invitation that if they RSVP and don’t come, I’m taking them to court for the cost of their portion of the food and services I paid for. Is that tacky? Obviously, there’s no cost to them if they RSVP and actually come.”

In response to her “Is that tacky” question, here’s what some Reddit users had to say.

‘“Is that tacky?’ The fact that you feel the need to ask this is… concerning,” said one user.

Another chirped: “Step one on how to ensure there are zero guests attending your wedding.”

“How can you be so clueless that you don’t realise this is tacky?” said someone else.

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