The wedding, a historic three-day event in Jordan, was attended by numerous members of the world's royalty as well as political leaders and powerful businessmen.

Guests at the celebrations included the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, the King and Queen of the Netherlands, the King Emeritus of Spain, Juan Carlos I, who appeared alongside his wife, Queen Sofia, and Prince William of England and his wife Kate.

For the guests, as well as for the Jordanian people, the marriage represents the continuity of a kingdom appreciated for its stability.

Observers say it refreshes the image of the monarchy after palace disputes.

Moreover, it could be the beginning of a rapprochement between (poor) Jordan and its wealthy Saudi neighbour that could translate into investment and prosperity.

The families and their guests gathered in an open-air gazebo decked with flowers and surrounded by landscaped gardens for a traditional Muslim wedding ceremony known as “katb al-ketab."

The crowd erupted in applause after the signing of the marriage contract. Alseif will henceforth be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Rajwa Al Hussein, according to a royal decree.

The newlyweds later emerged from the palace in a white custom Range Rover escorted by several bright red Land Rovers, motorcycles and a military marching band — a nod to the traditional horse-mounted processions during the reign of the country's founder, King Abdullah I.

The kingdom declared Thursday a public holiday so crowds of people could gather to wave at the couple’s motorcade amid a heavy security presence across the city. Tens of thousands of well-wishers attended free concerts and cultural events.

Jordan’s 11 million residents have watched the young crown prince rise in prominence in recent years, as he increasingly joined his father, Abdullah, in public appearances.

Hussein graduated from Georgetown University, joined the military and gained some global recognition by speaking at the UN General Assembly.

 His wedding, experts say, marks his next crucial rite of passage.

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