For the first time, Lynn Forbes spent Mother’s Day apart from her son, Kiernan Forbes.

The Megacy, the admirers of Lynn Forbes’ late son AKA, have shown her a lot of support.

The Megacy, named for Kiernan Forbes’ alter persona Super Mega, sent supportive words to the bereaved mother via her social media accounts.

They have also been outspoken in their desire for justice for the late rapper who was shot and killed on February 10 in Durban.

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On Mother’s Day, Lynn received a present from the Megacy, which she shared on Instagram in the form of a video.

A message, cake, cupcakes, and flowers are among the presents she received, as shown in the video.

She captioned the picture,

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“I’ve gained an entire army of children in The Megacy … feeling grateful, loved and appreciated…”

Lynn Forbes on Instagram: “I’ve gained an entire army of children in The Megacy … feeling grateful, loved and appreciated ”

The Megacy expressed their admiration and affection for Lynn, also known by the moniker Glammy, in a letter to her.

Following the passing of her son, Lynn has been searching for serenity, and Megacy’s assistance has been essential to her recovery.

Lynn Forbes described how she informed Kairo about AKA’s passing

Mother of the late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, Lynn, discussed how she told her granddaughter Kairo about AKA’s passing in an exclusive conversation with eNCA’s Abigail Visagie.

According to Lynn, DJ Zinhle, Kairo’s mother, was unable to deliver the devastating news to her.

At that point, Lynn Forbes made the decision to inform her granddaughter of her father’s demise.

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Lynn said she talked to the school psychologist and was given advice on how to deal with death and inform a kid when someone has passed away before going on to describe how she told Kairo.

After that, Lynn said that she visited Zinhle’s home the morning after the shooting together with her sister and her son Steffan’s girlfriend Brittany.

“Kairo was there with her mom and Zama, the lady that works with them, and I just said to her,”

‘We have some really sad news.’ I said, ‘Your dad died.”

The only responses Kairo had, according to Lynn, were questions about what had occurred or how her father had died.

“Some bad people hurt him,” Lynn responded.


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