South African social media users have shared their polarized views on whether or not a girlfriend allowance is a thing and whether boyfriends should give their girlfriends a consistent and monthly allowance.

According to, a girlfriend allowance is a sum of money that is given to a woman monthly by her boyfriend. The monthly allowance is a nice gesture but not an obligation, said the site.

The girlfriend allowance conversation got kicked off, AGAIN, after content creator and stay-at-home-girlfriend, Trully Zoe, shared a vlog on TikTok of how she spends her monthly salary from her boyfriend.

According to Trully Zoe, she spends her allowance on a couple of things, including going to the gym to keep fit with a personal trainer, going to pilates, shopping for clothes and make up, grooming activities (facials, nails and waxes), going to therapy and weekly wig installations.

Commenting on Trully Zoe’s video on 947DriveWithThando, show host Thando Thabethe revealed that she had never received an allowance or money from a man.

“She calls herself a stay-at-home-girlfriend. So she’s a stay at home girlfriend and maybe we’re jealous because I’m just like where do you find these men?” said Thabethe.

Twitter user, @IamEriOluwa, responded: “When you ladies find the guys. Please, invite me on a date 🙃 I wanna learn one or two things from them lolz. I mean, there's something they know about making money that some of us need to learn lolz. Wife allowance, I understand but girlfriend allowance. I mean monthly.... Please, I wanna learn ✍️.”

Another user, Charlie Cesc Makgoba, said: “I would never pay someone to be in a relationship with me, yes I've had 5 failed relationships this year alone, kodwa i won't give up and I won't pay someone to love me... ke mfana wako Tembisa nna...”

Whilst Son of the soil said: “Girl friend allowance is a good idea for us as young men because it helps us to make our proper budget. I used to give mine 600-700 per month with conditions tt she must not ask me anything during the month. This helps me to save more money bcs there was no unnecessary demands.”

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