South Africa's national treasure Ndlovu Youth Choir has captured the hearts and minds of the world after yet another mesmerizing performance - this time on America's Got Talent All Stars.

Their powerful and inspiring original song 'We will rise' had the audience and judges on their feet, leaving viewers in goosebumps and tears.

While the group did not make it to the next round, the accolades came in from far and wide.

And among their fans is a music icon herself, Stevie Nicks from the band Fleetwood Mac.

Nicks penned a sweet letter to the choir on Twitter.

To the Ndlovu Youth Choir – I just wanted to congratulate you on your brilliant and moving performance last night on America’s Got Talent. It made me feel like maybe – someday, with your help – the whole world will rise again. You Are The World! P.S. Can I be in your choir?!

Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac

Of course, NYC was ecstatic to hear from the legendary rock and roll musician.

“Dear Mama Stevie Nicks. Thank you for your inspirational letter. It means so much to us. We would love to have you in our choir. Your beads are waiting for you, and our conductor will send you a list of songs and choreography you need to learn. You might know our latest song, ‘Seven Wonders’. We look forward to welcoming you to our family. Much love, Ndlovu Youth Choir.

Ndlovu Youth Choir

The sweet interaction left South Africans smiling, with many excited to hear a future collaboration between the artists.

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