Pretoria - In a community where stories of struggle often go unnoticed, a remarkable tale of compassion and transformation has unfolded.

Trapped within the confines of poverty, Kokwana Masombhuka and her four children lived in a single-room house in Mathyszensloop, KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga.

Through the collective efforts of employees of the SANTS Private Higher Education Institution, the family’s story has taken an extraordinary turn.

Rising from a foundation of love and shared humanity, the single-room house was renovated, two living areas added and furnished, a kitchen with appliances fitted, a water tank supplied, and a new roof constructed.

The new home stands as a testament to the remarkable power of collective action.

Ward councillor Faro Mabena, who played a vital role in identifying the family, expressed, profound gratitude to SANTS for their compassionate assistance. He acknowledges that the Masombhuka family’s plight represented one of the most severe cases of poverty he had encountered.

With deep appreciation, he said: “There are different degrees of poverty, and this one, in particular, was the worst-case scenario. We attempted to seek assistance from local businesses, but they turned us away.

“SANTS’ intervention in alleviating the challenges faced by this family is truly remarkable. They have brought a ray of hope into their lives.”

For the Masombhuka family, the initiative signifies far more than mere bricks and mortar. It represents a beacon of possibility and dignity.

The impact of this initiative stretches far beyond the boundaries of their new home. It resonates throughout the community of KwaMhlanga, where a renewed sense of unity and possibility flourishes.

As SANTS commemorates its 25th anniversary of providing quality education and fostering community development, the gift of this new home serves as a powerful reminder of the institution’s unwavering commitment to improving lives, the institution said in a statement.

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