Taylor Swift's impressive dating history

Who doesn’t appreciate a good love song or, let's be honest, a good breakup song? Well, Taylor Swift is on top of the music game and she’s got inspiration in spades! Taking a look at her dating history alongside her discography reveals a chronology of hits, coinciding with her most memorable relationships. It can’t be easy having these experiences happen out in the public eye, from such a young age. However, Taylor Swift has turned her experiences into an art form. Ready? Click on for a look back at the men who inspire her lyrics.

Prince William: "I don't like to do that"

Un-bear-lievable! Mama has nerves of steel as bear hops onto picnic table

[WATCH] In a video posted on social media, the bear can be seen climbing onto the table and devouring the family's food.

Donald Trump's diet is even more shocking than you thought

These are Donald Trump's favourite foods and drinks, from burgers to bacon and eggs – and Melania's special spag bol.

Watch: Limpopo woman's TikTok video inspires Mzansi to follow their dreams

A young woman from Limpopo shared a video of her journey to becoming a fashion designer and people are loving her determination to succeed in this career.

Terrifying 4-hour search for missing 2-year-old ends in heartwarming reunion with family dogs, read details here

Thea Chase had left home barefoot with her furry friends in the East of Wisconsin, a heavily wooded area before she was discovered missing for almost 4 hours.

Luxury kitchenware on a budget? TikTok video of Bryanston Le Creuset sale leaves Mzansi wondering where people get money

Luxury brand Le Creuset factory sale in Bryanston showcased shoppers impressive haul of luxury kitchenware, leaving Mzansi people with a lot of questions.

All the beautiful (young) women Leonardo DiCaprio has dated

Leonardo DiCaprio is almost as well-known for his love life as he is for his movies and environmental activism. Since launching his acting career in the early '90s, the Oscar winner has had a string of high-profile relationships with Hollywood’s finest actresses and, perhaps more famously, models (especially on the younger side, in recent years). It hasn't gone unnoticed that they usually hit an age limit of 25 while he keeps getting older. However, it seems that all bets are off with his new love! He's dating a more mature woman, someone a little further out of high school. DiCaprio has been linked to Italian model Vittoria Ceretti, who is... 25 years old. The pair have been spotted getting ice cream and dancing together at clubs in Ibiza, and are reportedly enjoying getting to know each other on a "deeper level," according to a source who spoke to Page Six. As you can imagine, the jokes on social media have been non-stop since the news broke. One X (formerly Twitter) user wrote, "Bro saw all the tweets about him breaking up with women after they turn 25 now he tryna prove us wrong." Another joked, "inflation has him increasing his age range by 1." Many internet folk have placed their bets that the relationship will be over before she hits 26! One even pitched an idea for a romantic drama in which Leo falls madly in love with a 25-year-old but is tormented by the fact that he must end the relationship in 365 days. Curious about who else DiCaprio has dated? Click through this gallery to discover all the young ladies who have shared the actor's life, and see the rule of 25 in action.

Durban parents delighted as Bright Future Special School officially opens

Bright Future Special School cost about R140 million and caters for children with disabilities such as autism and speech difficulties.

Can I leave my dog in the yard while I’m at work?

Indoors, your dog can relax in a climate-controlled environment, free from the dangers of wild animals or unfamiliar dogs approaching.

Husband can't contain his admiration for wife's cornrow braid, watch cute video to see her blush

A TikTok video shows a man hyping his wife because she got cornrows done, which is her husband's favourite hairstyle on her. Social media users loved their bond.

Royal weddings that defined the course of European history

Queen Victoria, renowned for her lengthy 64-year reign, dedicated a significant portion of her rule to cultivating alliances with other influential European states. This endeavor involved marrying her numerous children and grandchildren into other royal families across the continent. As a result, British royalty became dispersed throughout Europe, and Queen Victoria became known as the "Grandmother of Europe." To discover the remarkable number of marriages she orchestrated and the influential positions her descendants attained, click through the following gallery.

How to talk to children about stress

Any good parent wants to shelter their child from pain and anxiety. The urge to protect is so strong that we sometimes don’t realize that we’re doing more harm than good. One of the most difficult parts of parenting is allowing children to make their own mistakes, experience challenges, and learn to overcome adversity. Unfortunately, letting them face these trials is essential so that they develop resilience and confidence in their own emotional strength. Stress is one of the most common challenges we deal with as adults, and it inevitably impacts our children, too. They also come across stressful situations in their daily lives, not to mention the stress they absorb from us. It’s important to help them understand that stress is a part of life and help them learn to manage it in a healthy manner, rather than trying to pretend it’s not happening. That being said, how do you discuss such a complex topic with a young child? Click on to find out.

Queen Camilla's uncomfortable relationships with other royals

Queen Camilla has been a polarizing figure for many years, particularly among the public. But how are her relationships with other members of the royal family? Is she accepted by other royals, does she get along with any of them besides Charles, and does she have any friends among royal circles? In this gallery, we go through Queen Camilla's most uncomfortable relationships with other royals. Click through and get to know what goes on behind palace doors.

How talking to strangers can make us happier

For decades, kids have been taught that all strangers can potentially be dangerous. From a young age, we have learnt that there is an inherent danger in talking to people we don't know. Unfortunately, that means that many of us, now adults, are more than reluctant to talk to people we don't know. Research shows, however, that striking up a conversation with a stranger can have benefits for our mental health and general well-being. Intrigued? Then check out this gallery to learn how talking to strangers can make us happier.

Millionaire Dolly Parton bought this humble home for just $50k

Imagining a typical celebrity home conjures up images of a mega-mansion complete with the most jaw-dropping amenities. However, there are plenty of down-to-earth stars that spend their money on inexpensive homes. Take a look inside these simple celebrity homes that didn't break the bank.

Prince William and Kate ‘closed minds’ to mending rift with Harry, Meghan

Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly 'closed their minds' to mending their rift with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The best cookie recipes to bake

Everyone likes cookies, be they sweet, salty, healthy, or decadent. Here are 18 recipes to try at home.

Lemon: How much should you take? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and reasons to eat

Follow these tips for a safe Halloween

As Halloween nears, many of us will be choosing what grisly outfit to wear to celebrate the witching hour. Kids, meanwhile, will be getting ready for trick-or-treating, a traditional custom in some countries where youngsters dress up in costumes and travel from house to house to solicit candy. It's all harmless fun for the most part, but there are certain risks associated with not following safety guidelines while celebrating Halloween, measures that every parent and child should be aware of. Do you know what they are? Click through and follow these tips for a safe Halloween.

Head boy

Johan Descande The role of a head boy is open to anyone who possesses the determination and self-assurance required to guide and inspire their peers. Being a head boy or head girl entails setting an example academically and in character, fostering a positive school atmosphere, and representing the student body's voice. These student leaders bridge the gap between students and school administration, advocating values like respect, responsibility...

Interesting and eerie facts about the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages had some rather surprising customs. Archery, for example, was compulsory at one point, and it was even possible to use eels as a form of rent payment. Despite being commonly known as the Dark Ages, this gallery aims to illuminate aspects of Medieval life. Take a look and uncover intriguing, unusual, and occasionally revolting details about the Middle Ages.

What do I do if my dog bites someone?

For any dog owner, a dog biting someone is a terrible situation. It's not easy to think about, but it's vital to be ready and understand what to do.

Check out these hilarious photos if you're having a bad day

The internet has its pros and cons. We often come across heated arguments in the comment sections of online articles, which can be seen as a curse. However, there are also blessings to be found, such as adorable animals making funny faces! Take a look at the gallery to see some hilarious photos that are sure to brighten up even the worst of days.

TikTok video sparks debate on unrealistic makoti duties after marriage

Woman shares a TikTok video of her sweeping the yard after getting married. People were stunned by the woman who was actually cleaning the yard outside.

30 quick and easy freezer meal recipes

From peas and sweetcorn to ready-made pastry, we take a look at some of the most popular freezer foods and the best recipes to make with them.

Chrissy Teigen reveals 'big regret' from John Legend wedding

Model Chrissy Teigen regrets not writing her own wedding vows when she and John Legend got married 10 years ago.

You won't believe you can cook these delicious dishes in a microwave

You might be surprised at the range of dishes that can be cooked in a microwave. How many of these ideas have you tried?

Hilarious Nigerian dad warns baby to stop crying, newborn's reaction will leave you in stitches in this video

A dad and his daughter made many people laugh as the man warned the baby about always crying for no reason. He said that he aways has to rush out to attend to her.

What Mzansi celebrities wore on Heritage Day

Here is our best dressed Heritage Day looks.

X users react to egg shortage in SA: ‘It's the real end of days!’

Eggs are an inexpensive source of good-quality protein and are one of the most versatile ingredients used in cooking, but South Africans are struggling to find them at most grocery stores across the country.

Which type of drunk are you? Your star sign has the answer!

Most of us like a drink from time to time, and some of us like a lot of drinks a lot of the time. Regardless, we're all capable of some major personality shifts when we're on the sauce. A few cocktails and your shyest colleague might be up dancing on the table, or your most composed friend might be crying on your shoulder in a McDonald's. Indeed, most of us have a drunken alter ego that can vary depending on the drink of choice and the situation–but how does this tie into astrology? Anyone who knows a bit about the zodiac knows that the personality traits associated with each sign are scarily accurate! These same indicators can be used to predict the surprising effects alcohol has on your mood and behavior. To see what we mean, click through the following gallery to find out what type of drunk you are based on your star sign.

Can dogs eat acorns?

Dogs enjoy exploring and tasting new things, like acorns. However, as responsible pet owners, it's crucial to know about the risks.

Durian: would you dare try the world's stinkiest fruit?

Blackpink's Rose Led the Best Dressed Stars Sitting Front Row at Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is the latest fashion show to have a stacked front row at Paris Fashion Week. From top models like Shalom Harlow and Amber Valletta to Hollywood stars like Demi Moore and Emma Mackey, the presentation's guest list was brimming with star power.Most guests stuck to an all-black color palette, sometimes adding in touches of browns and whites — keeping on theme with Anthony Vaccarello's neutral-focused vision of Saint Laurent. Keep...

Effective problem-solving strategies

Problems come in all shapes and sizes, so by practicing different problem-solving strategies, you can develop efficient solutions to challenges you may encounter at work and in your everyday life. When it comes to work, each business and career field has its own unique challenges, which means different strategies can be implemented to solve them. Finding effective solutions isn't always easy, but by using the right process and techniques, you can be more efficient in your tasks. If you want to learn some of the most effective problem-solving strategies around, check out the following gallery. Click on!

South Africans react with shock and humor to American man's lobola question

An American man living in South Africa asked South African TikTok users how much lobola costs in the country. Netizens shared jokes and informative answers.

Incredible dance moves: Little girl's TikTok video goes viral, you won't believe her talent

A captivating video of a little girl who was dancing in the living room with some incredible dance moves without boring the viewers has gone viral.

Struggle, no more! There’s a hack to take out every bit of tomato sauce from the bottle. Will you try it?

An Instagram content creator has come up with a hilarious and pretty unique way to get all the extra sauce out of a bottle, with a simple gesture.

These creepy urban legends are actually true

Urban legends are often just that: legends. However, our imaginations sometimes pale in comparison to reality, and actual events can give rise to unsettling stories that eventually become deeply rooted in popular culture. Click through the gallery to learn about creepy cases that prove that the truth can be stranger than fiction.

Unexpected nicknames used by the British royals

Nicknames are commonly used within the British royal family as a way of showing affection towards one another. These nicknames can range from abbreviated versions of their given names to rather unexpected choices. It may come as a surprise to learn that the late Prince Philip affectionately referred to his wife, the late Queen Elizabeth, as "cabbage". Take a look at the gallery to find out the intimate nicknames used by the British royals when they are out of the public eye.

You wont believe this cheap and unique door lock that gained 5,6 million views on TikTok

One man showed how he locks his door with a lock made from a plastic bottle cap. The ingenious idea went viral on TikTok and got glowing reviews from people.

These royals died in the most undignified ways

The idea of a monarchy is very lofty. In history, many monarchs believed that they were chosen by God to rule and thus had some sort of divine superiority. Well, if they were chosen by a higher power, then that higher power didn't want them to be immortal, that's for sure! Not all kings are dignified in life, but these ones certainly weren't dignified in death. Some died through unfortunate accidents, and others through pure stupidity. Click through this gallery to learn about the most embarrassing and unpleasant ways royals have died throughout history.

Durban woman's TikTok video clapping back at critics of her R7K boho braids trends

A a salon owner from Durban has been trending on TikTok after she shared a video of her R7K boho braids. She said the hair is of high quality hence the price.

Fascinating Things You Never Knew About The World's Most Famous Volcanoes

From calderas surrounded by glaciers and ice fields to the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, these are the world’s most famous volcanoes – many of which you can visit to see craters up close.

What did the woman who foresaw 9/11 predict for 2023?

Fortune-telling is an ancient mystical skill that is given little regard these days. However, there are a few special cases that make even the biggest skeptics question the realms of possibility. Baba Vanga was one of those rare figures. This old and blind Bulgarian woman is rumored to have predicted some of the greatest world events in recent history. She died more than two decades ago, but many of her most famous prophecies came to fruition after her death. Baba Vanga still has many dedicated followers who wait to see which of her predictions will come true each year. Click through this gallery to learn more about this extraordinary woman and find out what she had to say about 2023.

20 times animals made the news… for a funny reason!

Squirrels on skis, food-stealing birds, and grumpy cats—animals provide us with endless hours of entertainment, companionship, and the occasional laugh. And while newsfeeds fill with tales of scandal, corruption, and crime, a sliver of humour can work wonders for the brain and mental health. Whether it was for their looks or antics, click through for 20 times animals made the world laugh.

Young widow Babes Wodumo's raw revelation on life without her husband Mampintsha

Babes Wodumo is getting candid about how her life changed following her husband Mampintsha's death. She also revealed that she has an album coming out

‘Miseducation’ offers a lesson in cancel culture, friendship, love and humility

Be sure to keep an eye out for Lasizwe’s brief cameo (if you blink, you could very well miss it), as well as that of Ebenhaezer Dibakwane.

The best childhood movies to re-watch with your kids

For many parents, one of the great joys of raising children involves sharing experiences and traditions from their own upbringing. When it comes to movies and music, parents often hope these experiences will help mould their offspring’s taste to align with their own—making for seamless movie night selections. While some movies become dated over the years, this extra time together at home, due to recommended quarantine protocols, presents the perfect opportunity to revisit family-friendly flicks from the past few decades that have stood the test of time. These are some of the best childhood movies to watch with your little ones as you shelter in place.