Every profession has its particular stressors, but some are much higher than the average worker can handle.

This can be in the form of strict deadlines, making split decisions that can impact people’s lives and more.

Would you be able to survive these seven of some of the world’s demanding jobs?


PR executive

A public relations executive is in charge of planning, implementing, and assessing a company's communication strategy, as well as safeguarding the company's reputation.

The goal of their work is to obtain public awareness and support through well organised public relations initiatives. One wrong move, and they get their organisation in hot water.

Conversely, if a company is embroiled in a scandal, they are responsible for cleaning up the mess.

10 111 operator

10 111 operators work from a call centre and receive various reports about crimes. This includes details that may be emotionally disturbing to the average person.

According to the SAPS, ‘’10 111 operators work from a call centre and receive various reports about crimes. This includes details that may be emotionally disturbing to the average person.

‘’Try to keep the conversation as brief as possible. However, the call centre operator requires information about the emergency to ensure your safety and the speedy response of the police.’’

Airline pilot

They control and operate aeroplanes along predetermined routes and during take-offs and landings. During the flight, they keep an eye on the engines, fuel consumption, and other aircraft systems.

Due to the workload, duties, and safety of the hundreds of people they fly across the world, being an airline pilot can be an incredibly stressful profession. Chronic stress can have a bad influence on one's health, work performance, and cognitive function.


Firefighters respond to fires, accidents, and other emergencies that endanger life and property. In an emergency, full-time firemen assist to safeguarding the public.

They react to a wide range of situations, including fires, automobile accidents, chemical spills, flooding, and water rescues.

Healthcare worker

In a fast-paced and dynamic clinical setting, a healthcare  worker is responsible for aiding and caring for patients. They are responsible for changing dressings, taking vital signs and ensuring that each patient has a pleasant and safe recovery space.

Some healthcare support employees help nurses and other higher-level medical personnel with day-to-day operations. Having people’s lives in your hands is imaginably incredibly stressful.

A huge number of healthcare workers died of Covid-19, with many living with a long-form of the virus which takes a toll on them everyday.

Police officer

A police officer's primary responsibility is to enforce the law and safeguard the people. They identify and prevent crime in specific regions while also completing supervisory responsibilities.

They may also take part in community safety programmes, which are crime prevention strategies. This is a dangerous job, with officers having to interact with criminals on a daily basis.


The SANDF's principal objective is to protect South Africa from external military aggression. The other duties are incidental.

Being a soldier is obviously a dangerous job, and these individuals may be called to combat at any time.

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