It’s considered bad manners to constantly be on your phone when you're in company.

This groom, however, thought it was perfectly normal to be checking his phone as he walked down the aisle with his beautiful bride by his side in front of an entire congregation.

What kind of person does that?

Surely he shouldn’t even have his phone with him, never mind checking it!

This TikTok video of the newly-wed couple leaving the church has gone viral for good reason.

While the original post has since been deleted, TikTokers have already reposted the video with their own comments, with most wanting to know what could possibly be so important that couldn’t wait.

Some reckon that he’s texting his side chick.

TikTok user posted the video with the caption, “WHEN YOU ARE MARRIED BUT SINGLE.”

The text overlaying the video reads, “Responding to queries … Are you getting married? Him, “No I am holding the bride for my late brother … it’s complicated but I will explain.”

The video has been viewed over 24k times and these are some of the comments.

“He doesn't like her at all. that's not even a mystery,” said one viewer. While another commented, “The most disrespectful man he couldn’t even be in the moment or even pose for a pic.”

In another video posted by @theamazonnn viewers had this to say:

“Oh my goodness! First, he has his cellphone in hand. Next, he seems like he was fussing at her once they got outside,” said one viewer.

“And not 1 person stopped him! Turning a blind eye 👁️she smiling & ignoring it! Not a good start,” commented another.

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