This is after the viral TikTok hack caused an egg to erupt in her face and leave her flesh peeling.

According to “The Independent”, Shafia Bashir, 37, claimed she was in "absolute agony" after attempting to make a poached egg using a widely publicised recipe found online. She initially added the egg to a mug of boiling water before heating it in the microwave for a couple of minutes to cook it.

She was in the "most excruciating" pain of her life, she said. She placed a chilly spoon on the egg and it exploded "like a fountain" and scolded the right side of her face, she said. She ran cold water over her face before asking a friend to watch her daughter so she could go to the ER.

Her burns were treated, but 12 hours later, she claimed they were still stinging, according to the “Daily Record”. Although her injuries have since healed, the mother has nonetheless advised people to exercise caution when making the popular meal.

She said in a “New York Post” video interview, posted by “The Independent”: “I just don’t want anyone else going through that because it is trending on TikTok … It was the most agonising ache I've ever experienced."

Luckily, her face has healed without leaving any marks. She claimed in a tweet that she used Vaseline, Sudocrem and “whatever else she could find”.

Bashir, from Bolton in Greater Manchester, claimed that she had been cooking the dish for three years and she decided to cook it that day because she was "starving".

She had followed a recipe that her ex-mother-in-law had taught her, but this time, the cooking method had disastrous results, according to “Ground News”.

After boiling the kettle, Bashir placed the egg and salt into the mug with the water and microwaved it for a minute. She gave it one more minute in the microwave because it wasn't cooked.

In the past, the British Medical Journal recommended that microwave ovens have obvious warnings concerning bursting eggs. It is risky to microwave cook shelled eggs since the casing traps heat. After you take the egg out of the microwave, it will continue to cook on its own and any interruption could result in an explosion.

When making sunny side up or poached eggs in the microwave, the same risks may be present. People are looking for time-saving strategies for everyday tasks; therefore, these cooking tips have become highly popular on social media platforms like TikTok. However, Chantelle Conway from Farnworth claims a similar incident happened to her in 2021, so this is not the first time the hack has gone wrong.

After the experience, Bashir claimed she was traumatised and vowed never to eat an egg again. But she has also found humour in her circumstances, making fun of herself for her 15 000 TikTok fans.

She cosplayed as Tony Montana from “Scarface” and “Beauty and the Beast” in her most recent TikTok videos. She joked to “The Independent” that her followers believed it to be a filter.

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