A young woman is making headlines after she faked her own kidnapping to avoid graduation embarrassment. Chloe Stein from Pennsylvania lied about getting kidnapped because her graduation was coming up and she hadn’t attended classes for over a year — despite lying to her family members who were all happily planning to attend the graduation ceremony.

She is now facing a number of charges including false alarm to the agency of public safety.

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Student fakes kidnapping to avoid graduation shame

23-year-old Chloe Stein is facing jail time after she faked her own kidnapping to avoid telling her family she was not graduating with the rest of her class.

The young student reportedly stopped attending university but didn’t inform her parents. Things quickly got real for Chloe after her family started preparing for her graduation ceremony.

Desperate to avoid getting humiliated and embarrassing her family, Chloe decided to fake her own kidnapping.

According to the New York Post, Chloe “disappeared” after knocking off from her shift at a local restaurant.

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Fabricating the story

She then texted her boyfriend saying that she was pulled over by police along a desolate stretch of road in the township.

After that no one heard of Stein whose car was found on the road abandoned along with her cellphone.

For 20 hours police searched for the student who was declared a missing person. They then received a tipoff that she was safe with some relatives not far from where her car was found.

It is alleged that she parked the car there and then walked to her relatives.

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Facing the consequences

After she was found, she alleged that she had been abducted at gunpoint by a masked man.

She later confessed that she made up the story because she was embarrassed over the upcoming graduation.

Chloe is now facing several charges, including false alarm to the agency of public safety, false reports, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of the administration of law and other government functions.

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