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Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare. Moving on from such a tragedy is unthinkable, yet so many moms and dads are forced to do just that. There's nothing that can take the pain away, but some parents find ways to heal.

In this sweet video from @brookesbattle_hlh, a woman is sitting on the couch with a puppy on her lap, waiting for her husband to come through the door. "When you surprise your husband with his dream puppy after losing our daughter," she wrote. When her husband sees the puppy, the smile on his face is priceless.

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You can tell the husband fell in love with that puppy right away. His wife knew exactly what he needed and she went out and got it for him. Hopefully this puppy's presence in their lives will be a much needed positive force. 

In another video, this woman tells the heartbreaking story of what happened to their adorable baby daughter, Brooke. While she was born healthy, a few months later she was diagnosed with what's known as HLH, or Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, this is a rare disease that usually occurs in infants and young children, though it may also affect adults. With HLH, the immune system does not work properly and certain white blood cells attack the other blood cells. 

Brooke went through months of chemotherapy and numerous challenges and setbacks. Through it all, her parents tried to keep a positive attitude. Millions of people around the world heard her story and prayed that the baby girl would get well. Tragically, little Brooke passed away at the age of 13 months. She touched so many hearts during the course of her short life. 

These parents have been through absolute hell, and my heart goes out to them. May their new puppy bring light and healing into their lives.

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